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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Bulletin

The consumer product safety commission issued a bulletin on May 23, 2001 following numerous incidences from inflatable operation throughout the U.S. involving broken bones, head injuries, contusions, abrasions and sprains from March 1999 to February 2001. The CPSC provides general inflatable safety recommendations for operators, owners, and renters. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety in Inflatable Operation

At All Star Jumpers Party Rentals, safety is our top priority. We have setup a quality control procedure to inspect every inflatable before it is used. We follow all major inflatable safety standards and are members of S.I.O.T.O. (Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization).We area also certified inflatable safety operators that take the time to instruct renters and attendants on safety rules and procedures before, during, and after use. 

How are we safe? 

Follow all industry standards for inflatable safety

Member of rental safety organizations

Only carry new inflatables with latest safety features

Safety labels on all inflatable rides

We provide safe operation instructions for renters

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Inflatable Operation Instructions

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Popcorn Machine Instructions

Hot Dog Machine Instructions

Generator Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bouncers / slides clean?  

 Yes. All inflatables Bouncers are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being delivered to your party. We are committed to making sure that your children have a clean, healthy, and safe environment in which to play. We also safety check all equipment before it goes out to our clients. This way, you are always guaranteed a unit that is safe, clean and in good working order. Our goal is the safety of the children.  

Do we need to supply any extra equipment?  

 No. We supply only what is needed to get the bouncers up and running. We have extension cords reaching up to 50 feet that will give us a wide area to work from.  

Can you set up an inflatable in parks / public places?  

 Yes, we can. A member of our staff is required to remain on site while our equipment is on public property in order to supervise the children. Adult supervision is always expected when events take place on private property. An additional fee will be charged if a generator needs to be provided to you. You will need to contact the park you’ve chosen to have the party at and ask for permission.

 Does lessee need to provide power?  

 Yes, an outlet no more than 50 ft. away is needed. Generators are available upon request for an additional charge.  

 How many children can fit in a bouncer?

13x13 =  Under 8 years old (8),   9-12 years old (6), & Teens (4)

 What if the bouncer/slide is damaged during the party?  

 There will be no charge if equipment is damaged due to a defect in the unit. In the event unit is damaged due to negligence, Lessee shall pay Lessor the full fair market value of the unit.  

 What should be done if it starts to rain?  

 Bouncers/ Slides should be deflated and blower moved out of the rain. You can inflate it again as soon as the rain stops. Caution is required when inflating equipment again, water is slippery. Equipment needs to be dried to assure safety.  

 Lessee need to provide a hose and water for the slide?  

 Yes, you will need a hose long enough to reach the slide from your water faucet.  

 What are the rules when using bouncers or water slides?  

 No shoes, no food, no drinks, no gum, no cigarettes, no silly string, no confetti, no sharp objects, no rough play, no flips, no hanging from nets, no jewelry.  

 Is it cheaper if we pickup the bouncer ourselves?  

 No. In fact, All Star Jumpers Party Rentals LLC does not allow pick ups. All of our drivers are trained as professional installers and are certified by All Star Jumpers Party Rental  to be the exclusive installer of our equipment. Our insurance requires that our installers do an onsite inspection as well. Where the safety of your children is concerned, we do not take any chances.  

 Can you set up the inflatables anywhere?  

 The best option is to place the inflatables on top of grass which should be mowed 2 to 3 days before the event. Event location area must be flat and clear of rocks or any other debris to ensure the safety of the bouncer and its riders.It is the customer's responsibility to clean area prior to set up. Inflatables need to be in an open area, far from trees, wires or any other thing that may cause tears, about 20 feet high. You will need to add at least 4 feet around the perimeter, so approximately 17' x 17' for a 13' x 13' bouncer.  

 Are there any cleaning fees?  

 We will only charge you a $25.00 cleaning fee if there are any food and/or drink stains. NO SILLY STRING is allowed to be used in or around our equipment. There will be a $50.00 fee for each stain caused by Silly String. Our staff will contact you immediately if there is a problem with the condition is which our equipment is returned to us.  

 Why rent a bounce house?  

 Kids love bouncing on the inflatables because they are colorful, bigger than life toys. If they get a bounce house for a party or event, they will not run short of playmates, since all kids enjoy the fun-filled experience. Moreover, these healthy bouncers are available in different themes, styles, color and sizes that help to capture the imagination of the kids who adore playing in them. They are also available depending on the age groups that attend the special event. The common categories in bounce house inflatables are the basic ones, the combo units, the obstacle courses, slides and the sports/interactive ones. Overall, with an infinite assortment of fun activities, bounce houses are healthy and ideal for any event. So, no matter what, with bounce houses the kids at your party will surely have an enjoyable.